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The Concept

No Stars, just Family...

This year ‘s xplore will have a different format from years past, we have decided not to invite any known names, but to offer as many of our friends and collegues the possibility to present their personal practices, fetishes and favourites. As a result each workshop is presented only once this year. Therefore the torment of choice is yours.

The year’s theme will center around relationship, closeness and the everyday love life. About the never ending hunt for love, sex, attention and the accompanying luxations. The contrast between rosy ideals and grey reality, between the summits of sexual ecstacy to the lowlands of human incompetence in affairs of the heart.

So it is going to be intimate and incestous, with a program that breaks all records: 42 diifferent workshops covering a vast range of subjects.  There is still space for some unusual ideas and necessary ínterventions...

In contrast to the Berlin navel-gazing we will also undertake an xplore xpansion into the world. As we try to keep the Berlin edition limited to 250 participants and nevertheless wish to meet the growing interest, we have decided to take the festival on tour. After the successful introduction of Xplore to Sydney, Australia last year – 2012, we dare to plant new Xplore seeds in Barcelona, Rome and Vienna. We hope some of our true believers may even travel south with us, to spread the idea of sexual diversity, lightness and creativity to other european countries.

Welcome to our play ground!

Felix Ruckert, February 2012